Final Floor Studios is a UK-based indie game developer with a focus on making games for PC and consoles. The company currently consists only of the founder Matt Capener, who is writing this in third person in an attempt to sound important. Matt founded the company as an entity under which to release his first commercial game, VentureVerse, which is planned to be released in Early Access in 2017.

Matt Capener   @Mattiebo

Founder, Developer

Matt started to develop games as a hobby in April 2013, when he started to teach himself to code using Unity3D. After a few small game projects, he started work on his first major project, “Project Kingdom” in December 2013. After just under 2 years of solo development, Matt founded Final Floor Studios (then called ‘Space Drive Games’) with the goal of releasing the game, now called VentureVerse, in 2017.


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