A new patch is available for VentureVerse: Legend of Ulora! This patch features some new content along with some bug fixes. Read the full details below.


  • Added new headgear item: “Tricorn Hat”.
  • Added new sword: “Swashbuckler’s Saber”.
  • Added new gear item: “Manipulation Crystal”. This item allows the user to interact with dungeon elements such as buttons, levers, hit-switches and toggle panels from a distance, using the cursor. This mechanic will be used in a new bonus dungeon planned to release next week.
  • Various minor changes


  • Updated two third-party plugins to fix multiple issues related to player input and networking.
  • Fixed incorrect values appearing for “Charge Time” stat on weapons.


  • Added “Gear Pedestal – Manipulation Crystal” to the “Gear Pedestals” section in “Mechanics”

Updates within the next few weeks may be somewhat slower as I shift my focus to working on the first boss encounter and some quality of life changes.

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