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Screenshot Update #6 – The Spin-Disk Golf Society

For the Early Access launch of VentureVerse, I’m planning on including 6 seperate dungeons each filled with multiple levels. These dungeons will include a mysterious alien labyrinth, a technology-rich abandoned research station and even a mini golf course, which is the subject of this post.

This range of dungeons is designed to show the variety of things poossible in the VentureVerse level editor. I’m currently working on a playable demo which will include this level along with 2 more and a tutorial, which will hopefully be completed within the next few weeks.

The rules of spin-disk golf are simple, the player must hit the disk into the goal, however the disk has a limited number of hits before it disables itself. The Spin-Disk Golf Society levels provide 5 courses per level of increasing difficulty.

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