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Screenshot Update #5 – New Art Style

Just over a month ago I submitted VentureVerse to Steam Greenlight. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped, with a majority of “No” votes seemingly aimed at the game’s art style. First of all I’d like to thank those who voted for the game and those who gave me valuable feedback. The day after the submission it was clear that something needed to change, but being a one-man team meant that a fully-textured 3D art style was somewhat unrealistic, so I was left with a dilemma.

I spent a week researching and experimenting with different art styles, and in the end it came down to a style I was using previously on VentureVerse; a flat-shaded, low-poly style. This style can be quite polarising and it has been used by quite a few indie games recently, but the reality is that it’s a very feasible option for small teams working in 3D, just like how pixel art can be ideal for small teams working in 2D.

So I’ve spent the last month upgrading the art style and I think it is a big improvement. I can’t be too sad about my Greenlight failure as I have learnt valuable lessons from it and I believe it has genuinely improved the quality of the game, even if that’s just aesthetically. The game should now be releasing some time in the Summer.

If you haven’t already, please vote for VentureVerse on Steam Greenlight. You can follow development on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

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