Screenshot Update #4 – The Cubic Labyrinth

Note: This post includes screenshots of VentureVerse featuring the old art-style. To see the new art-style, take a look at our About VentureVerse page or VentureVerse Gallery.

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It’s been a while since I posted an update, but they should come a bit more frequently from now on.

I’m getting ready to put VentureVerse up on Steam Greenlight soon (you can take a peek at the current trailer draft here) and lately I’ve been working on a lot of new content and polishing the existing stuff.

Here are a few gifs from one of the dungeons the game will launch with; The Cubic Labyrinth. Each level in this dungeon is split up into square-shaped rooms each containing a challenge. Once the challenge is completed, a Keystone is rewarded, which can then be used to enter another room on the path to find the exit.


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