And here's an action shot of the Spin Slash special move.

Screenshot Update #3 – Little Fella

Note: This post includes screenshots of VentureVerse featuring the old art-style. To see the new art-style, take a look at our About VentureVerse page or VentureVerse Gallery.

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Weapons play a big role in VentureVerse, so here are a few screenshots detailing the weapon system. The player can take up to 3 weapons into a dungeon; a primary weapon, a secondary elemental weapon and a ranged weapon. Like every unlockable in the game, no weapon is intentially stronger than the others, and so players can choose the one that best suits their playstyle. That can include long but weak swords, short but strong swords (like the Little Fella seen below), average all-rounder swords and a few swords with special abilities.

Click on the images to see the captions!

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