The most common type of map screen event is combat. You are taken to a small map with a few enemies and you win the event when you kill them all. When the event pops up, you have a small window in which you can flee by pressing 3 random buttons in order.

Screenshot Update #2 – Map Events

Note: This post includes screenshots of VentureVerse featuring the old art-style. To see the new art-style, take a look at our About VentureVerse page or VentureVerse Gallery.

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This week I added map screen events and worked on some dungeon levels. Players will spend a lot of time on the map screen as they travel between cities and dungeons, and now events can pop up on the spaces that make the map up. The map system is inspired by FTL and is designed to emulate the kind of world map a game like Zelda might have. Health is persistent, so there’s a chance you’ll get hurt on the way to a dungeon and as a result you’ll have to be more careful in that dungeon.

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